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The Chaplain's Handbook
The Chaplain's Resource Manual

The office of Chaplain is not just to provide a "religious” officer to the organization to offer prayers at meetings. He or she has higher purposes:

  1. To help persons grow in their relationship with God.
  2. To help persons grow in their relationships to one another and become a true comrade/sister to one another.
  3. To serve as a reminder of the transcendent in life.
  4. To develop an environment with which comrades and sisters are encouraged in their personal and collective moral and spiritual growth.
  5. To remind all Americans that God is the source of all rights and privileges.
We must be reminded that the Veterans of Foreign Wars is comprehensive in nature, embracing all religions and faith groups within its ranks. The Chaplaincy, being non-sectarian must minister to the spiritual needs of all, without regard to either church/synagogue/mosque affiliation or non-affiliation. Chaplains will need to provide ministry to people wherever there is a need.

Send a message/request to our Chaplain
John Mitchell
State Chaplain
Department of Delaware