NOTE:  To view PDF reports you will need a "PDF" reader. To download Adobe PDF Reader click this link
For those of you that hand write your reports, you can "Save" the forms below. Those forms below that are noted as "PDF Fillable" means  that you can complete the form via your computer. Those forms below that are noted as "Excel" are in an Excel format.


  • Community Service Report:  PDF - Excel
  • Citizenship Education Americanism Report:  PDF - Excel
  • Department of Delaware Reimbursement Voucher: PDF
  • Veterans and Military Service Report:  PDF - Excel
  • Youth Activities Report:  PDF - Excel
  • 20-21 VFW National Membership Program: PDF
  • Commander's Guide:  PDF
  • Amendments and Responsibilities:  PDF
  • Chaplains Handbook:  PDF
  • District Commander's Guide:  PDF
  • Leadership and Development Manual:  PDF
  • Officer Responsibilities:  PDF
  • Quartermaster Guide:  PDF
  • Quartermaster Introduction:  PDF
  • Quartermaster Guide to Financial Reporting:  PDF
  • Quartermaster Federal Tax Info:  PDF
  • Trustee Guide to Proper Audit:  PDF
  • VFW Programs Guide:  PDF


  • Accountable Officer's Bond Application Form: PDF
  • Accountable Officer's Bond Rates: PDF
  • Buddy Poppy Order Form:  PDF Fillable
  • Canteen Manager Rate Schedule: PDF 
  • Club Manager Application Form: PDF
  • Patriot's Pen:  PDF Fillable
  • Public Service Award Instructions: PDF
  • Public Servant Award Post Entry Form: PDF Fillable
  • Teacher Award Instructions: PDF
  • Teacher Entry Form: PDF
  • VFW Membership Application:  PDF Fillable
  • Voice of Democracy:  PDF Fillable
  • Trustee Audit Form:  PDF Fillable



  • Patriot's Pen Brochure:  PDF
  • Teacher of the Year Brochure:  PDF
  • VFW Fact Sheet:  PDF
  • VFW Fact Sheet (Espanol):  PDF
  • Voice of Democracy Brochure:  PDF 
  • Legacy Life Membership Brochure:  PDF
  • Life Upgrade Flyer:  PDF
  • Member Recruitment Brochure (Espanol):  PDF
  • Member Benefit Brochure:  PDF
  • VFW Membership-at-a-Glance Brochure:  PDF
  • VFW Membership Brochure:  PDF
  • VFW Programs:  PDF
  • VFW Women Vets Brochure:  PDF