Memorial Day Service at Bridge

Chuck Baldwin Chair DCVA - 5/13/2021

As you know the DCVA has been approved to conduct the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the  (Bridge) for an in person event. There are however certain protocols in place which must be observed, masks and social distancing will be required but most important, we must not exceed the approved number of attendees, 200 maximum. 
This will be the Governor's first foray out addressing a large public audience since the pandemic struck over a year ago. We have to get this right and set the standard and though not large in number, we must recognize our fallen military warriors solemnly, respectfully, and with meaning in representing our 70K + veteran population
To accommodate more veterans we have only invited the heads of the veteran committee from the House and Senate and no other Legislators. The Governor, Lt. Governor, Senators Carper and Coons and Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester have been invited. The Governor will have remarks and Major General Berry will be our guest speaker. If any of the US Congressional Delegation attend they have been made aware in keeping with the restrictions of being in a large gathering they are to keep their remarks brief.
The wreath of honor will be displayed at the front as always, however the flowers will already be in place. The organizations represented will have their unit announced and  will stand and render salutes, not having to walk forward. They will be seated at the front.

Now for the hard part. In order to facilitate the authorized number of attendees we will allow a maximum of 3 representatives from each organization. I ask for you to reach out to your membership and impress upon them the number is non negotiable and all hands to play by the rules. 
-The ceremony will be filmed and available on our Facebook page.
-All gold star families are invited to attend.
-There will not be refreshments.
-Bottle water will be available
-No High school band.
-The tent will not be enclosed
-Commissioners are invited but will be voluntary. We know where your heart is.
There is plenty of time to have this organized properly  and if any of you have thoughts or recommendations they will certainly be welcome.
We need to advertise this on our website as an event by invitation only as a result of COVID 19 protocols. Certainly do not wish any veteran to think we have become some exclusive group. Hopefully soon we may all return the ways of old.
Please continue to stay safe,
Chuck Baldwin
Chair DCVA


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Display the United States Flag at Full Staff this year for Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, May 9- May 15 2021
Wilmington Memorial Day Parade  
State Commander DiOrrio just received this.  The Department has submitted the form to be part of the parade. If you are wanting to participate with the Department, please show up.  We don't know where we will be positioned as of yet, but if we are I will get the info out.